Thrift score!

Why does it seem that when you’re not looking for anything you find everything?

I recently went to the Goodwill specifically in search of one thing and walked out with something totally different. But to my defense, it was something I just couldn’t leave behind for the prices.

Introducing this new beauty to my closet! *squeals*


Isn’t she amazing! I ‘m totally in love with sequins (read about that here), so there was no a doubt that she was coming home with me. The shift dress is  originally from Forever 21 and cost me a mere $6 vs. the $29.90 it would have cost in stores.  It appears to be in great shape and I can’t wait to wear this. I would wear it now, but since it’s short-sleeved I think this will be perfect for my birthday in the summer.

I guess it pays to browse in other areas when you’re on the hunt for something else (clearly a sign of a shopaholic), LOL.

What thrift store scores have you found lately?


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