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I’m one of those people who likes to live by the mantra, “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.”

Staying ready is why I’m still taking prenatal vitamins. Yes, my daughter has been around for a bit, but I still like taking them for my overall health. I was taking them because I was a breastfeeding mom, but now, I just use them as my regular multivitamin.

The one downside to prenatal vitamins is they are huge! I mean, it’s like swallowing a horse pill. That’s where Premama Essentials + DHA comes into play.

I’m so excited about this because it’s in powder form. No more swallowing large pills and because it’s in powder form, you can put this in your non-carbonated drinks, smoothies, parfaits and more.

The powder is similar to a fiber powder and it has a citrus taste. I, however, would recommend putting it in something other than plain water. It’s much better in a smoother.  Just note, it’s not to be heated or warmed, so don’t put it in your coffee or tea.


I don’t mind taking medicines, but I love when I can just add it to things I’m already eating or drinking. Oh, did I mention that the packs make it super convenient to use on the go? Yep, just throw it in your bag and go.

Also, what I love about this is it is easy on the stomach. Ladies, if you’ve ever take prenatal pills before, you know that it’s a must to take these with a meal or right before bed because they can tear your stomach up! Nope, not Premama. In fact, the Essentials + DHA soothes morning sickness.

While I’m not preggers, this vitamin has everything I need to keep me healthy just in case I think about having baby number two.

I found Premama at my local Meijer, but you can check the store locator to find it near you.


It’s right in the vitamin aisle, but more specifically, it’s with all of the multivitamins. It’s cool that my Meijer location had the vitamins right at the front of the store so I didn’t have to go hunting for them.


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