No, sir, we don’t have the same 24 hours

So. Here we are seven days into 2018. A whole week.

The new year brings the  chance to hit the reset button and try to figure out how to do things smarter and better for the next 365 days.

You know what also comes along with a new year? The memes and inspirational quotes. For the days leading up to January 1 and to about two weeks after the new year, my timeline on all of my social media accounts are overflowing with memes about “crushing goals”, “doing it bigger and better”, finding peace, love and happiness and the list goes on and on.

As I’m scrolling through my Instagram timeline, a friend of mine posted this.


This. Is. Gold.

I’ve also seen this one too several times.

When I first read the one about Bey, I’m like you’re right. There is no time for slacking! If Beyonce can create hit records, have babies and slay for the gods, so can I!

Then reality hit. Whatever super powers Beyonce possess she, me, her, I ain’t got them.


So when I read the response the young lady gave to Diddy, I was all like:


Now let me be clear, I’m all for working hard toward your goals, but don’t be fooled, we don’t have the same hours in the day as Beyonce and Diddy. No, their riches don’t afford them extra hours us regular folks don’t get. What I mean is because they have wealth, that also means they have people- lots and lots of people- to help them stretch their 24 hours.

I mean think about it, what could you accomplish if you had a private chef, personal trainer, several assistants, housekeepers, nanny and more at your disposal? I know that I could get a lot more done in my day.

That pile of laundry? Done. Balancing my checkbook and paying bills? Somebody else got that. Trying to get my toddler to go to bed? Mary Poppins is Johnny on the spot with a full spoon of sugar.

Should you use the new year to retool, rework and improve plans you’ve started or even get started on new goals? Absolutely. But, don’t get caught up in thinking that your 24 hours is the same as someone with tons of money. I know Beyonce and Diddy worked hard to get where they are, and if you have a goal you should work hard too, but Diddy, Brother Love, Puff, the way my checking account is set up…..

P.S. Yes, one of my goals is to be better about blogging. I’m trying ya’ll. If only I were rich. =)



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