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I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Just For Me. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

If you were a little girl in the 80s and 90s, you probably can remember the Just For Me jingle. I sure do. It was a catchy tune that I can remember hearing during Saturday morning cartoons.

The jingle obviously worked because I remember going to the beauty supply store and requesting that my mother get Just For Me products. Back in the day, being a naturalista wasn’t the in thing, so at the time products were catered toward little brown girl wearing straight hair. Fast forward a decade or two and it’s all about the curls baby! I’m so happy because now I’m a naturalista raising a little naturalista with curly/coily hair. I know some of you are thinking, ‘Isn’t your daughter still a baby?’ She is, but 1) she was born with a ton, I mean a ton of hair. 2. Her pediatrician suggested that instead of using popular baby products on her hair and skin, I should use products catered for her texture, i.e. Just For Me.

Even though my little girl is just six months she has the wiggles, especially when mommy tries to brush and comb her hair. I see this getting worse in the future (ya’ll pray for me). What I love about the new hair milk line s that it takes detangling and hair washing to another level by tackling tangles before, during and after the washing process.

First, I used the thick and creamy pre-wash softening detangler,  which softened her hair and to make it easier after washing. Second, I used the sulfate-free cleanser to gently wash the hair, but keep her natural oils in tact. Instead of using the silkening conditioner, I chose to use the hydrate and protect leave-in conditioner because I didn’t want to keep putting her head under the water. The leave-in conditioner gave her hair sheen and moisture. Last, but not least I ended with the leave-in.

It helps keep her hair moisturizer and prevent tangling and breakage from the daily tug and pull.

After using the system, my daughter’s hair remained soft, had sheen and it smelled good too.  It definitely passed the #5fingerchallange, meaning I can run my hands through it without her screaming or my hand getting tangled. Give it up for #happyhairtime!

So, you’re probably thinking these products cost  an arm and a leg, but you know your girl is still about that frugal life and seriously, who literally wants to see their money going down the drain?

The hair milk like can be found at Walmart for a suggested retail price of $5.49. Yep, just under $6, which is cheaper than some of the stuff I use!. Hmmmm, wonder if I can use this on my hair. LOL

Want to join me in the #5fingerchallenge? Here are the details:

Just take a picture of you running your ‘five fingers’ through your child’s hair to show off how the Just For Me Hair Milk collection makes your child’s hair manageable. Post it on social media using #5fingerchallenge.




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