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Hi, my name is Whitney and I’m a proud semi-crunchy mom. What exactly is a “crunchy mom”? Well, Snap mom has a great definition you can read here.  According to their definitions, I’m more of a “scrunchy mom.” Whatever the case, what I  know for sure is I’m a proud babywearing momma.

Yep, I’m all about putting a baby in a sling, carrier, wrap, you name it. It’s funny because I didn’t know that babywearing is a “thing” until I became a mom. Sure, I’ve seen moms carry babies plenty of times and thought that makes sense.

You don’t have to lug around the stroller, if the baby is fussy you just hoist them up and if you don’t want strangers hands all over them, you strap them to you.  I love it!

Photo provided by MommyCon

Babywearing in a wrap carrier. Photo provided by MommyCon.

It was during my post-partum check-up that my babywearing obsession began. My doctor saw me lugging my daughter in her car seat carrier and  told me “that’s going to get old quick.” I told her I’d be thinking about a carrier, but I wasn’t sure what kind. Who knew there are so many options? So. Many. Options.

She also hipped me to going to a Babywearing International meeting to get some guidance, and from there I became hooked. I met women wearing their littles in beautiful woven wraps, ring slings with geometric patterns and padded soft structured carriers. I had to   needed to know more. At the time, the only thing I had was an Infantino infant carrier that wasn’t too comfortable for me, so my husband used it the most.

I tried on a ring sling and yep, I had to have one. Thankfully, a momma was selling her like-new Maya wrap and that was my first leap into the babywearing rabbit hole. From there I bought an Infantino Mei Tai and another Infantino soft structured carrier. Yes, it’s insane, but I love it!

So you can see (virtually see, of course) why I’m bursting at my seams to go to Chicago for  WEAR: A Babywearing conference hosted by MommyCon May 27-29. The is the first time MommyCon has held Wear and I’m excited to learn more about the emotional and health benefits of babywearing. It’s my plan to become a babywearing educator.

Babywearing has been a part of the African culture for centuries, so I feel a need to keep the culture alive in the African-American community. I truly believe some of the frustrations first-time and even veterans moms face can be eased with babywearing. I’m telling you, the quickest way to ease a fussy baby is to strap them to you. My daughter immediately calms and I can carry on with things I need to get done.

Daddy wear

A dad tries on a carrier for the best babywearing fit. Photo provided by MommyCon.

That’s just a small list of the benefits of babywearing, but judging by the list of speakers and workshops I’m going to learn a lot more. It’s not too late to register, so come join me! Oh, I need to mention that registration is SUPER affordable. Like I said, it looks like attendees are going to get our money’s worth.





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