What is it about fashion that I like you ask? Well, for me it’s all about expressing myself.

Before you utter a word, I think what you’re wearing speaks volumes. If I’m feeling rebel, I’ll dress like it. If I’m feeling ultra feminine, I’ll do that too. I can’t say that I have one particular style because it’s always evolving. I don’t like to stick to too many trends because they are trends and they come and go.

Honestly, I just wear what I like and I think you should too. What I hope to accomplish on this blog is showing you how you can be stylish without spending a fortune. I’m a luxe for less kind of gals, so when you see me in designer, trust it was super inexpensive.

I don’t care if you have a Walmart and Payless budget or a Barneys and Saks budget, work what you got!

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