Cheap eats at the Indiana State Fair

August in Indiana is such a glorious time. Here, one of the last hurrahs’ of the summer is the Indiana State Fair. From Aug. 1 -17  Hoosiers in Central Indiana come out to stuff their faces, play games, ride rides and listen to music at the fair.

It’s a great time. My husband and I hadn’t been to the fair since roughly 2008 to see Kanye West in concert, so we were excited about going back. Because I’m all about that frugal life, we opted to go on $2 Tuesday. With $40 ($20 each) we wanted to see how much we could stuff our faces with, and let’s just say I’m happy we had to walk a lot.

Even with two splurge items, we managed to come home with $3.25.

On $2 Tuesday, several of the food vendors offer smaller portions of items on their menu for you guessed it, $2. It’s a great way to taste a little bit of everything at the fair. Because really, do you need a whole funnel cake followed by deep-fried something and then washed down with some sweet drink? No, but it’s tempting.

With $2 Tuesday, you get to satisfy your craving for fair food without ruining your diet or your wallet. The one thing that disappointed us was that not all of the  food vendors participated in $2 Tuesday. How rude!  Why do you have to be all “I’m the cheese and I’ll stand alone?”

And then some of them that did do it had random stuff like hot dogs or nachos as their $2 taste and not their popular items like deep-fried Oreo’s, etc. But I will say the ones that did it right by offering samples of their popular foods were outstanding!

I created a photo gallery of some of the $2 eats you must try if you decided to head out to the next $2 Tuesday on Aug. 12. In addition to food, admission is $2 and all Midway rides are $2-a steal!


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Do you plan on going to the fair?


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