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So, my birthday is just a few days away and of course, I need to treat myself. Now, just because it’s my birthday doesn’t mean I have to blow my budget on getting beautiful.


How do I get pampered  for the cheap? I use Groupon. There are tons and I mean tons of health, beauty &  wellness Groupons on the site.

Want a mani and pedi? Check Groupon. Looking to check out that new spa? Groupon. Oh, and you heard about some new hairstyle, check Groupon to see if a salon in your area is doing it. 

I love using Groupon for health, beauty and wellness because I get to experience a new place and do it for the cheap. However, don’t mistake cheap for lack of quality. A lot of the businesses on the site want to show love to customers and future customers.

Groupon makes it super easy for you to save because all you have to do is log on and plug in your location and voila, your savings awaits you! The best part is this is totally free!

There are several other places that require you to pay a membership fee just to save, but not Groupon. I’ve used the site for experiences like dining and entertainment to getting a manicure and what has become one of my favorite nail salons.

Seriously, never underestimate the power of Groupon.




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