Beauty Review: Arvazallia professional series

I’ve been my natural hair journey for nearly six years now. While I wouldn’t change it (or my hair) for the world, being natural has its set of challenges.

One of those challenges is dryness, which after talking to a lot of other naturals is pretty common. As common as it may be, I don’t like it. In order for my hair to hold moisture, I’d have to wet it every day and yea, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Recently, I tried Arvazallia’s hydrating argan oil mask and argan oil hair treatment. I’ve never heard of this line, but being well-known doesn’t matter to me.

Arvazallia edit

Because my hair is so dry, I wash and condition it once a week. I try to deep condition it every two weeks. Luckily for me, the Arvazallia came right in time for my deep conditioning routine.

The products work for all hair types and the mask is supposed to create softer, silkier and healthier looking hair, according to the package. It sounded good up until I got to the ingredient list.

As a naturalista, I’m constantly looking at ingredient lists because I don’t want to put just anything on my hair. Sadly, these products have lots of things I can’t pronounce in them like cyclopentasiloxane. It also has dimethicone and other “cones” in them, which is a no-no for most naturals.

However, I carried on and used the product trying to keep an open mind.

Arvazallia (2E
The mask is thick and very fragrant.
After washing and towel drying my hair, I took a scoop full of the mask and added three drops of the oil to it and mixed it together. I placed the mixture in my hair and waited the recommended 5-7 minutes. Even though the mask is pretty thick in consistency, it went in clear in my hair. Most of my deep conditioners are still visible no matter how long I work it into my hair.

My hair with the mask in it.

My hair with the mask in it.

Once the wait was over, I did a cool rinse and added about five drops of the oil to my hair. It was hard to tell if my hair was soft after rinsing the product out because it was still damp.

The following morning, I added more oil and some curl refresh and so far, two days later my hair still feels soft. I’ve used the system two more times and my hair feels soft after each wash. I also like using the oil to give my hair moisture on the days I don’t wash it. It makes it soft and shiny.

Arvazallia oil
Have you tried Arvazallia? If you want to try it, you can do so at a discount here and here.

*Disclosure*: I was given this product for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.



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