Am I her what?

I’m pretty good with clapbacks, but there are times when someone catches me so off guard that it renders me speechless.

Let me tell you about one of those times.

It was a cold and rainy afternoon and I was hurriedly carrying my one-year-old daughter into a store. A woman who appeared to be in her early fifties had just gotten off the bus and was headed in behind me.

As we were both entering the store, this is the exchange that goes down.

Her: Oh, she’s so cute.

Me: Thank you. *gives a polite smiles*

Her: Is that your granddaughter?



Also me: Uhm, no she’s my daughter. *walks off*

Y’all, I was so taken aback that walking off was all I could do. I get it, I’m not a mom in her twenties, but I seriously don’t think I look old enough to be a grandma. Also, I had on zero makeup, which typically makes me look a bit younger.

Seriously, how this woman jumped all the way to the idea that a toddler I’m holding that also looks like me is my grandchild is beyond me.

I was so miffed by this that I had to recount the incident on Facebook. Shockingly, a few of my peers with young children said the same has happened to them.

One friend said:

“Girl, that happened to me a couple of times because you know these kids having babies at 12…you know it’s unusual to have kids at a decent age no.”


“People do that to me all the time. My son now gives them the business.”

Other friends lamented that she was rude and I should have gone off on her.

Nah, I’ll let Ruby Rude go this time, but this was just crazy to me. This ranks right up there with asking a woman you don’t know if she’s pregnant.

I’m not going to lie, it made me feel some type of way because even though I don’t think I’m an old mom at 35, I know the world thinks differently. However, the reality is, more and more women are delaying childbirth, so people need to get over it, but most importantly, keep their rude comments to themselves!

Have you ever been called the grandmother of your own child?


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