5 shopping apps that save time and money

Technology is a wonderful thing when used right. Even though I feel that I’m sometimes too connected to my  gizmo’s and gadgets, having a smart phone has helped me save a lot of time and money.

While there are a lot of apps our there, I wanted to share a few of my favorites that help me locate the deals.

Without further ado, here they are:

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  1. Shopular: This has become my go-to app when I’m shopping. I’ve had this app for several months, and I love that I can program which stores I want to alert me about their deals. For example, I’m always alerted about deals for New York and Company and Target. Also, when I get near a mall Shopular will alert me to coupons available at certain stores. This app is available for Android and iPhone.
2. Discount Calculator: Since I’m among friends I feel like I can be honest. I suck at math! Like for reals. Because of my suckage (yea, totally made that up) this discount calculator has been a lifesaver. I can figure the basic 25 or 50 percent off, but some stores get all fancy and do 33 percent off. Trust me, I’ve seen it. This app not only does the math in a flash, but it also factors in the tax. This app is for Android only.
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3. The Coupons App: When I’m on the hunt for a restaurant or random deals like free magazines, I turn to this app. Like Shopular, it can be set to find  local deals, but I like to keep mine open, especially when I’m traveling. I’ve found out about free meals, magazines, sales at stores; you name it. This app is available for the Android and iPhone.
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4. Retail Me Not:  You may have heard of this app before because it’s pretty popular. Categories for savings ranges from accessories to travel.  One of the features I like is opting to getting e-mail notifications about deals from my  favorite stores. I. Never. Miss. A. Deal. This app is available for Android and iPhone.
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5. Genius Scan: OK, so this is not a shopping app, but I promise it’s cool. When I’m on the go and need to scan a receipt or document, I can do it quickly from my phone with Genius Scan. I just snap a picture, save it and e-mail it to myself for later.  This app is available for Android and iPhone.
Honorable mention: Target Cartwheel. This app is a favorite among my Facebook friends.
What are your favorite shopping apps?

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