10 things I learned being pregnant

Ahhhh pregnancy. A life growing inside of you. A person who will have a splash of you and a dash of your spouse/partner. Week by week (40 of them to be exact) the anticipation of meeting the person you created grows.  Yea, that’s the fuzzy wuzzy version of pregnancy.

Don’t get me wrong I was blessed to have a textbook pregnancy. People are almost amazed that I really didn’t have heartburn even though my daughter was born with a head full of hair. While things went along well, there are some things that I learned about my body and self during my pregnancy.


1.  The toilet is one of God’s best creations.  If you’ve been pregnant than you know how true this is. Just like I know the layout of my local malls like the back of my hand, I quickly learned where all the restrooms were to places I frequented. I swear there were times I thought about just setting up shop in my bathroom. Why bother leaving when I knew I would be back in five minutes? Oh, and having to use it in the middle of the night…the worst!



2. Clothes are so unnecessary. I know this is weird coming from the person who loves fashion, but seriously once I hit the 8th month mark, I was so over finding stuff to wear and putting it on. Bending over to put on my pants or shoes became my worst enemy. If someone was looking for me they didn’t have to look hard because I constantly left a trail of crap that I just said eff it to when it dropped. Sorry, husband.

3. Speaking of clothes, screw you fashion bloggers and critiques leggings are pants! Of course there is a right way and a wrong way to wear them, especially when you’re preggers. However, leggings and I became like peanut butter and jelly, we just went together. They were the most comfortable thing to grace my pregnant behind.

4. Snacking is the new black. I was fortunate that I really didn’t have any cravings during my pregnancy. The one thing that got amplified though was my love for fruit. I could eat it several times a day. Watermelon, mangoes, cantaloupe, apples, grapes you name it. Even post-pregnancy I still crave fruit.  While I didn’t send my hubby out for ice cream, I did send him on a few fruit bowl runs for my constant grazing.


5. Pregnancy and grocery shopping should be banned. You know how people say you shouldn’t shop while you’re hungry? Well, you shouldn’t shop while pregnant either because you’re ALWAYS hungry. I’m usually pretty good about sticking to what I need when I grocery shop, but all bets were off during pregnancy. Never and I mean never deny a pregnant woman of food.


6. You become one with animals. It wasn’t until I became pregnant that I truly understood how turtles or other animals with shells feel when they get turned over. Poor innocent turtle. Getting out of my Mt. Everest bed from lying flat was something to witness. You should have seen me using my headboard to tuck and roll my way out of bed. Thank God there were no hidden cameras around. If you see a turtle turned over be a friend a help them because the struggle is real.


7. Concealing a bump is easier than I thought. Believe it or not, a lot of people didn’t know I was pregnant until I was 8 months. I would put on vest or jackets and I guess that helped, but when I looked at me I thought I looked huge! I was fortunate enough to wear a mix of maternity and pre-pregnancy clothes. That really helped because I was concerned about having to shoo people away from touching/rubbing my stomach.

8. My bump was not pretty.  I am an Instagram nut. By far it’s my favorite form of social media because I love looking at the visuals of people’s lives. Well, I happen to follow an account that is strictly devoted to pregnant women showing off their bumps. There were tons and I means tons of photos of women showing off their bumps that looked like polished bowling balls without a stretch mark to be found. These women are posing like goddess in a garden holding their perfectly round bumps with the biggest smile on their faces. Yea, my bump, not so much. Don’t get my wrong, I’m not Debbie Downing myself because everyone’s bump is different, but yea, that bowling ball bump I did not have.

9. Hot flashes are real. I thought that I had few years to go before I started having a “personal summer” as some menopausal ladies call them. I can recall grocery shopping in the winter and being fine with my coat on, but by the time I was halfway done, my coat was off, I was wiping sweat off my brow and fanning myself. Whew! To make matters worse, I slept with a fan on and the window open in the dead middle of winter. My poor husband was freezing, but me? I was just fine and so were my sinuses. I can’t sleep well in heat.

10. Germaphobia increases. On a scale of 1-10 I’m probably an 8 when it come to germaphobia, but add pregnancy to the mix and I was a strong 12. I didn’t want people breathing near me for fear I might catch a cold, especially since I was preggers during flu season. I kept hand sanitizer on deck and was adamant about washing my hands like I was prepping for surgery. It. Was. Not. A. Game.

Overall, pregnancy like anything in life is a journey. You learn a LOT about yourself during those nine months. What are some of the things you learned during your pregnancy?


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